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19th May 2009

DECT Phones - The most advanced pieces of communication

DECT Phones are high definition communicable phones which are available in different sizes, shapes, brands. They generally work on gap suites and don't require any kind of wire to install it. The installation is quite easier and requires little time for b...

07th May 2009

{FIRSTNAME}, how can you recognize the signs of an upcoming Polar Shift?

From our previous article you learned that a polar shift or even reversal is inevitable. The big question remains, how do we know when the cycle has started and the polar shift is to happen right then? There are many signs to interpret when this massive...

17th April 2009

Tips for Hosting a Children’s Birthday Party

Every child dreams of having the best birthday party ever. It has got to be as good if not better than those their friends have hosted recently. Unfortunately trying to plan a party like this can be every parent's worst nightmare. The guest list is lik...

09th April 2009

Who is Meditation For?

The 5 W's of Meditation- Part II Helene Finizio, M.A.P.P. Who is Meditation For? Many people think, 'I'm not the 'meditating type'' when they think about taking time out of the day to slow down, tune in and recharge. The way the world is run t...

27th March 2009

100% FREE

A group of Coventry University graduates have set up a community based website (Ind-E-Focus) for arts students and professionals. After having struggled to develop their own projects and bridge the large gap between student life and the professional w...

27th March 2009

Satisfy your gaming crave without breaking the bank

Everybody likes games. Especially today with all the advances in 3D animation, shading and video graphics, the games of today are on a totally different level. But not all are quite that interested to buying the expensive hardware and software that's need...

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