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20th April 2011

Mane And Tail Shampoo Is Great For Human Hair If Used Correctly

Mane And Tail Shampoo is these days a viable beauty product for humans the world over - even though it started life as a shampoo devised to make horses' manes and tails shine with health. Mane And Tail actually isn't the only brand that has adapted their ...

06th January 2011

Aion Glorify Life in the Shadows

I started playing Aion casually and soon found that the game was something I would stick with for a long time. I was completely hooked on it because of its simple and easy to use gameplay, stunning visuals and other special effects that have been tuned an...

06th September 2010

Craving Hollywood Hair? What Beauty Treatments Really Work.

When were flicking through magazines looking at pictures of our favourite celebrities its hard not to let the green eyed monster take hold. We often find ourselves wondering why our legs, or our faces and bodies, do not match up to theirs. Damn their fa...

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