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24th February 2011


Check out the new Movie Review for NO STRINGS ATTACHED starring Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher on Preview Night. Our Critic has rated the movie two out of five stars. Give us your rating and tell us what you think of the movie. ARTICLE Plain Platoni...

23rd February 2011

Celebrity gossip: X Factor loser Katie Waissel Ďhasnít heard from Cheryl Cole in agesí

Just a couple of months ago, not a day went by where Katie Waissel wasnít plastered all over the celebrity gossip columns during her stint on the X Factor. Whether she was being controversially kept in the talent show due to dubious judging practices or s...

11th February 2011

Awards banter dominates the celebrity gossip pages

Over the next few weeks, expect nothing but talk of nominations, red carpets and acceptance speeches across all of the celebrity news columns. Thatís right, awards season is upon us and things kicked off this week with some big wins at the Golden Globes a...

09th February 2011

The 2011 Golden Globe Awards, Some Observations

Last evening the celebrities were shining on the red carpet for the Golden Globe Awards. The award show is recognized as a peek into the nearing future, not only forecasting the winners of the Academy Awards, but we likewise see the first glimpse of the ...

08th February 2011

Musical Movies

The musical movie genre was one of the last to emerge thanks largely to the advent of sound in movies and has regularly set its characters in fantasy environments. There are many popular musical movies, from the first part-talking, part-singing film 'The ...

26th January 2011

Film News: Assessing the Golden Globe Nominations 2011

As the awards season approaches, movie makers across the world will be scanning all the film reviews and articles to get some sort of sense of what they can expect to be up for. This month, one of the first big ceremonies of 2011 unveiled its list of nomi...

20th January 2011

Natalie Portman in Ballet Shoes

Swan Lake is a ballet thought to have been composed between 1875/6, it is based on Russian folk tales (such as 'The White Duck' Russian fairy tale) and ancient German stories. Swan Lake tells of the story of a Princess turned into a swan by an evil socere...

14th April 2010

Why Do We Love Movies With Pirate Costumes?

Long before 2003 when Captain Jack Sparrow became a household name, there had been many films featuring actors wearing pirate costumes. 'The Curse of The Black Pearl', which was to be the first of the 'Pirates of The Caribbean' series was not a new idea, ...

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