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30th September 2011

Reduce costs with Cost effective Lighting

Have you considered the amount of electrical energy you utilize? Do you have each light in your home switched on, or do you walk throughout your house switching off every light? Most of us do not think about how much power we utilize. They may have a TV s...

09th August 2011

How To Give Your Skin A Sun-Kissed Glow

If you love the look of a tan or bronze skin, you have plenty of options for getting this look for yourself. Medical experts warn that spending time in the sun is dangerous, so if you have concerns about lying in the sun and achieving a tan look from the ...

20th June 2011

Why Use A Tanning Lotion

Some people think that tanning in a bed is safe compared to getting tanned under the sun, but both can be equally harmful to our skin. The tanning industry has grown tremendously over recent years and it has become the fashionable thing to do in America a...

09th May 2011

How To Identify The Best Tanning Lotion

The best tanning lotion must necessarily have all ingredients for sunless tanning. In sunless tanning, the lotion helps to give a uniform bronzed look without your having to lie in the sun for hours to get a tan. Incidentally, prolonged exposure to the su...

12th April 2011

Helpful Info to Know If Comparing The Best Self Tanner

Sunless tanning refers to applying ingredients to the body to receive the look similar to that of a good suntan. The acceptance of sunless tanning has increased since the 70s after links were made by health professionals between sun rays and various sun t...

23rd March 2011

Packshot Photography Tips - Let There Be Light!

What is the single most important aspect of quality packshot photography? Selling products effectively through the use of a catalogue photo or packshot photograph requires a whole raft of skills and techniques, but if you had to select the one factor whic...

09th March 2011

Laser Hair Removal and Tanning

Modern day lifestyles can be demanding and tiring. From challenging careers and expectant children, there are sometimes not enough hours in the day to complete everything on your to-do list. But no matter what your lifestyle is and how much there is to ju...

12th January 2011

Airbrush Self Tan - Is There A Better Self-Tanner?

By Lucy in Beauty
Most people use fake tanning to get that extra glow on their skin. This is because they recognize the various advantages of having a tanned skin. Apart from feeling better and looking leaner, the Airbrush Self Tan has other benefits as well. For instance,...

08th March 2010

Affordable Teeth whitening Products

Not everyone is Julia Roberts but "A billion dollar smile" is what everybody wants. With the dental treatments burning a hole in everybody's pockets, teeth whitening is still our of reach for many. Do not worry, there is now an easier and affordable metho...

25th January 2010

How Sunless Tanning Works and Why It is Safe

All around the United States, pictures of Hollywood celebrities sporting great tans have been used to embody youth and beauty. Whether old, middle-aged or young, Hollywood royalty has shown the public time and again that being tan is something that is aki...

24th November 2009

Tips for Taking Great Baby Pictures - Even If You're No

By man in Family
When my daughter Layla was born I had a hard time putting the camera down. And apparently I wasnt the only one. The cashier at the photo developing shop told me that new parents comprised a fairly sizable chunk of their business. We cant help it. Babies...

12th November 2009

Solar Tubes – You Get More than Just Natural Light

Solar tubes are some of the brightest energy-saving ideas that have hit mainstream market. Also referred to as tubular skylights or sunscoops, these tubular-shaped skylights essentially collect and channel natural light into home and building interiors. T...

20th October 2009

Create homemade energy, for free!

These days the biggest threat to our planet is the increasing level of pollution. The contamination of air, water and the atmosphere has resulted in global warming which has created an immense impact on amny animal and plant species that are getting extin...

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