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16th February 2011

T1 Line Prices and the Advantages of a T1 Line to Your Organization

T1 line costs depend, for the most part, on the length of the dedicated line connecting your company and your telephone company's local office. You can visualize a T1 line as a regular 4 wire phone line. Since your T1 line is dedicated to your use, you...

08th January 2010

5 Reasons to Check Out the Formax FD 8500CC Cross - Cut Paper Shredder

The Formax FD 8500CC offers busy offices a high-volume, high-security solution for their document shredding needs. Able to handle staples, paper clips and credit cards with ease, the FD 8500CC offers a great combination of security and productivity. Here ...

09th December 2009

Dahle 20800 EC Department Paper Shredder Review

The Dahle 20800 EC is a strip cut paper shredder designed for heavy use in a busy office, copy room, or communications center environment. In the following report, we take a closer look at the strengths and weaknesses of the 20800 EC. Strengths: ...

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