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11th May 2011

Make The Move To Digital Phone

Explaining a VoIP business to someone who does not understand digital communication can be complicated. Not impossible but a little tricky. You see, for some folks, the idea that your telephone call is no longer traveling across all those telephone polls ...

11th March 2011

Affordable Communication with Internet Phone System

The Internet phone system is a technological advancement in business telecommunication that lets you make and receive calls using the Internet as your medium. Telephone lines and phone networks are not needed in this kind of telephone system. Internet tel...

11th January 2011

What Are the Benefits of Using IP Phone?

IP telephony is an advanced technology that enables audio, video, wired as well as wireless communication, through the use of Internet Protocol (IP) networks. Internet Protocol Phone or IP phone offers a host of benefits like cost savings, scalability, le...

24th September 2010

International VOIP Calling

VoIP has opened multitude of opportunities for business houses. Taken up in the right way this technology has help an organisation to more than double their profits at minimum capital investment. The best part is that you don't have to be a technology wiz...

19th March 2010

How To Save Money On Phone Calls

Now people are using online phones to call across the world. The online phones are cost effective and have advanced features. They offer users to make cheap calls. Previously rates of calling were very expensive but with this technology the expenses are r...

18th February 2010

Communications Equipment

Communication is defined as a process of transferring information from one entity to another. Communication processes are sign-mediated interactions between no less than two elements which share a range of signs and semiotic rules. Communication may also ...

29th October 2009

Comcast - The Best Cable TV Service

What choices do I have when I subscribe to Comcast cable? The best of the internet, telephone, and cable television are all items that Comcast offer. The best part about the entire thing is that you can have all three for one discount price if you accept ...

05th June 2009

How to use an adapter, VoIP information for new users

VoIP is rapidly becoming the preferred internet telephone service providers around and with its low costs and easy set up it is clear to see why. You don't even have to change your home phone if you don't want to thanks to an adapter. VoIP adapters fit in...

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