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14th October 2009

Important Information about Several Symptoms of Stress

When work is getting challenging, or money is getting tight, or a houseguest has overstayed his or her welcome, or you just can't take your husband's socks on the floor anymore, you might begin to feel a headache forming behind your eyes. Your heart may b...

16th September 2009

What to do after Bad Plastic Surgery - Revision for Botched Cosmetic Work

We've all heard horror stories of bad plastic surgery. Simple human error, bad luck, unrealistic expectations, or an unskilled plastic surgeon can mean poor results from botched plastic surgery procedures. If it happens to you, what can you do? There a...

17th April 2009

Stress Relief

When not at peace, the mind triggers biochemical reactions that cause disaster in the body. Stress is the starting point of disease. Stress can disturb the body's inner stability or equilibrium and leads to physical signs such as headaches, an upset stoma...

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