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21st March 2011

High Gas Prices, why isnít Iraq or Afghanistan helping us?

Americans have been shedding their blood over in Iraq and Afghanistan for nearlyten years. Yet, while we spend billions of dollars to protect them, we get nothing inreturn. A country like Iraq that, according to the United States Energy Informat...

19th October 2010

The Military Is Shifting Towards Renewable Energy; Will We Follow Its Lead?

This is big news. Once again, it appears the American military will lead the way. Not only is it protecting us from our enemies in the campaign against terrorism, but it is also pioneering the fight against our dependence on fossil fuels. As the Ne...

23rd September 2010

A burning issue caused by burning?

If you were sceptical that the recently concluded high power climate talks at Copenhagen was a lot of hot air and nothing more, the bad news is you are dead right. Reports of one of the most large scale carbon and methane emissions in Nigeria's oil rich N...

26th November 2009

run on water

You're probably rendition this and wondering why in the humankind this isn't being deposit into each car being made in America and around the humankind? Good Question! And if I wasn't so cynical, I'd say it was for the reason that they specifically haven'...

15th November 2009

The Great Palm Oil Deforestation Hoax

In an article entitled "Palm oil industry must get out of denial mode" written by Sean Whyte, The CEO of Nature Alert and published in the Jakarta Post and the New Straits Times, Whyte called the palm oil industry "arguably the most environmentally destru...

26th October 2009

Cutting Energy Waste To Save Money

Tired of throwing money at oil companies and your local utility? You can fight back by eliminating the energy waste in your life. Consider the following: 1. If you have an attic, you undoubtedly are wasting money on your heating bill. Take a close look...

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