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06th November 2010

Do Collagen Pills Help Your Skin Get That Youthful Glow?

When it comes to issues on skin and aging, the most probable question is this: do collagen pills help your skin by providing the required precursors for building collagen fibers in the skin? If you are looking for information on what kind of supplements t...

07th July 2010

Help the Environment with Reusable Bags

Every time a customer walks out of your store with a plastic bag, there's a very good chance that the bag is going to end up in a landfill somewhere. Once that happens, it's going to sit there for more than 1,000 years. Instead of contributing to this con...

28th October 2009

500 Reasons to Recycle

Under the logo of Bag Monster TM is the inscription: "1 year, 1 shopper, 500 bags". This is about 10 plastic shopping bags a week. 500 bags don't seem to amount too much until one weighs the economic, social and environmental costs of producing 1 plastic ...

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