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21st January 2011

Have Fun and Frolic with 3D Movies

The recent success of mega blockbuster movie Avatar has brought up the fact that 3D flicks and revolutionary trends are here to stay with a fresh era of 3D charm and appeal. The 3D movies are absolutely captivating as they are quite real in nature and exh...

23rd September 2010

Understanding Stretched Canvas Prints

What are stretched canvas prints? Stretched Canvas Prints or Canvas Prints is basically a form of displaying art pieces as Canvas art. In this technique photographic prints are printed on canvas, instead of photographic films, which are later framed an...

20th July 2010

3D TV Myths and Facts explored

With 3D TV getting extremely popular in the world, you will find people checking out what actually 3D TV is. You could check out latest 3D feature films such as Pixar's Up, James Cameron's Avatar and Alice in Wonderland which gave gained immense popularit...

30th June 2010

About gallery wrap stretcher bars

Gallery wrapped canvas prints are in vogue nowadays. These are the canvas prints without any frames and simply stretched on a stretcher. A stretcher is a frame made up of stretcher bars on which the canvas was stretched originally. It serves as an interna...

30th March 2010

Creative Style Blanket Chests

Some people seem to think that the only styles of blanket chests are too traditional and perhaps a little boring. With very little searching, you can find really wonderfully styled blanket chests or you can personalize the one of your choice. There...

18th December 2009

How to get Custom Canvas Prints done in the UK

A Canvas print is the result of an image being printed on canvas and stretched, then put on a frame and set up for display. Canvas prints of a photo can be done easily. Getting canvas printing done is the best way of preserving a photo as they tend to las...

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