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28th April 2011

Table Fountains Make a Great Housewarming Gift

When most people move into a new place, they have a party to celebrate once they’ve finished moving and unpacking. This tradition has been popular for ages, and chances are that you’ve been to your share of housewarming parties. You’ve probably even throw...

16th February 2011

The Obsession With Dog Portraiture

There is more to the English decorating style then the usual floral and white china. In addition this created rise of popular dog portraits from the Victorian era among these people. Cave walls with dog paintings on them date back about 15,000 to 30,000 y...

02nd September 2010

Guide To Turning Rewarding Excellence Into An Art Form

I worked, during my years as an associate professor of English, in the community college's learning center. There, we did teaching in all disciplines, held auxiliary and other classes, performed computer-assisted instruction, and catered to students of ge...

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