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14th June 2011

The Hair Transplant Houston Locals Have Trusted Has People Across The Country Excited

The Physician's Hair Restoration Center Performs is well known in the area for a performing hair transplant Houston locals have been having done for some time but there's a growing national awareness of the procedure that has people traveling from across ...

04th January 2010

Brazil Butt Lift: Surgery or Work Out?

People like quick fixes. Whether it's diet pills or plastic surgery, the number of people who opt for miracle cures is enormous—and growing. The latest fad to hit the market is the Brazilian Butt Lift, where surgeons extract fat from your body and injec...

29th December 2009

How Much Milk Thistle Should I Take Daily?

A reader named Joan wrote in asking, "How much milk thistle should I take?" After finding out why she was taking the botanical remedy, I answered her back, personally. But, I thought that other readers might be interested, too. So, here's a look at wha...

15th December 2009

24 Hour Weight Loss Can Be Achieved Using a Calorie Counter

24 hour weight loss has been considered a myth to a lot of people, until the use of calorie counters came on the scene. The daily focus on counting calories is paramount for people who want to manage their weight. "I've heard of 24 hour weight loss sy...

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