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21st November 2011

A Fresh Look at Hair Removal Products

There are a variety of hair removal products on the market. Many of them make promises that they simply can't deliver on, which is frustrating. There is nothing like spending a ton of money on the latest and greatest hair removal products only to find out...

14th July 2011

Dig Deep For The Best Clam Chowder and Stuffed Clams

Clam digging is a tradition in my family. I grew up on the water, and had my own boat shortly after my first bicycle. Its an activity that not only yields fantastic fresh ingredients for cooking, but a family activity that everyone enjoys. Its one...

09th February 2011

Film Synopsis: The Cable Guy Starring Jim Carrey & Matthew Broderick

There is something powerful about being the Cable Guy (Jim Carrey) that provides him with a certain confidence. Not only does he get invited into the homes of many he also can grant his favorite customers with free premium channels. When Steven Kovacs (...

05th August 2010

Go crazy with these phones

I am a complete tech crazy person and just love gizmo gadgets. As a child, cell phones were my first love amongst all machines out there and now I have grown up but cell phones still occupy a sweet spot in my heart. I launched a blog for this, it is calle...

09th October 2009

4 Important Factors That Affect Your Golf Swing

In the game of golf, no two people ever have the same golf swing. Each person has their own individual body with its own strengths, flexiblity and range of motion. The way one person swings a golf club may not work for another person, even if they are nea...

18th June 2009

Obama and Biden release tax returns – Vice President still stuck in the Alternative Minimum Tax

By kinal in Taxes
Shortly after April 15 President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden released their 2008 income tax returns. What these tax returns showed is that the President is not paying the Alternative Minimum Tax, but that the Vice President is still stuck in...

08th April 2009

Stylishly Elegant Blackberry 8900 Curve

It is not everyday that we witness the birth of a truly outstanding handset packed with features. This was what happened when the Blackberry 8900 Curve was introduced to the British market late year and has since enjoyed brisk sales and outstanding review...

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