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25th February 2011

Watching Free Shows Wi Fi

With these a broad selection to pick out from, however, it's regularly troublesome to know wherever to glimpse. For only $three per month, you can also turn into a member and have access to more than 100 hours of archive and bonus reveals.Unfortunately al...

03rd February 2011

The Hidden Power

The Hidden Power by Connie H. Deutsch Many years ago I attended a lecture on the power of thought and the speaker was saying that thoughts can be transmitted over vast distances. Take, for example, someone who is s...

13th October 2010

Can I plant my Christmas tree out after Christmas?

If like me you think itís a crying shame that 8 million Christmas trees lose their lives each year to bring us Christmas cheer you may have wondered if it is possible to plant your Christmas tree out after Christmas. Some say that it is bad luck to plant ...

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