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07th March 2011

Take the inside, outside.

Unless we live in a warm climate, we aren't used to considering the garden as another room for ourselves and our families to utilise. But living in the UK doesn't mean confining ourselves to stuffy living rooms - with a bit of imagination and a few savvy ...

28th February 2011

Using Fairy Lights as Event Lighting

There are different types of lights that can be used to advance your course but the most common ones are the bogie lights. They can provide the event lighting that many people would prefer to have. While they can shine enough light, they have the potentia...

19th January 2011

How to Be An All Round Wedding Entertainer To Get Lots Of Gigs

The initial benefits of working as a professional wedding singer over singing in local bars is that an arrangement or a gig in a pub is a verbal agreement which can easily be cancelled by the landlord at the last minute, whereas wedding work is normally v...

07th January 2011

Top 10 Tips for a Green, Sustainable and Eco Friendly Christmas

Here are top 10 Green Christmas tips that will help you to save money, reduce your Christmas carbon footprint and have a more eco friendly and sustainable noel. Don't forget to turn off your fairy lights Fifteen per cent of household electricity is wa...

01st January 2011

Christmas lights Making the Day Special

We all know that year falls with Christmas celebration all over the world. Before it arrives, people start organizing for outdoor christmas lights . They bring different types of christmas lights to make the day special and memorable. For decorating their...

11th December 2009

How To Add Lights To A Christmas Tree

In order to truly enjoy Christmas, most people really enjoy having a Christmas tree. This brightly lit tree is an essential part of many holiday traditions. When you think of winter holidays, these trees are often at the forefront due to them being in t...

02nd December 2009

Outdoor Christmas Decorations - New site lists all available to the UK

Selecting outdoor Xmas decorations is going to be a hard quest, that is the reason hence a new online store has been created to feature all of them in the one place. the new online shop does list all the outside Christmas decorations available to buy onli...

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