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11th February 2011

Cheap O2 Mobile Phones : Watch Out For Good Offers With Them

In this heightened competition, it is almost impossible to attract the attention of handset lovers without innovation, sophistication, style and amazing blend of rich features in the latest gadgets. With the technology fast moving up, now it has become ...

23rd September 2010

A burning issue caused by burning?

If you were sceptical that the recently concluded high power climate talks at Copenhagen was a lot of hot air and nothing more, the bad news is you are dead right. Reports of one of the most large scale carbon and methane emissions in Nigeria's oil rich N...

25th June 2010

Tax Strategy Problem – Home Products Universal

Your client, Home Products Universal (HPU), distributes home improvement products to independent retailers throughout the country. Its management wants to explore the possibility of opening its own home improvement centers. Accordingly, it commissions a c...

24th March 2010

The Power Of The Written Word

Book-lovers will vouch that the written word will never go out of fashion. Even if some may not agree with this dictum, it is at least true for the people who cannot resist paperbacks. Whether it is history, literature, science fiction, romance or educati...

27th October 2009

Frozen Moments - Exhibitions in New Delhi

Frozen Moments doesn't really come across as an exhibition keeping in mind the sheer definition of the word. Featuring paintings by János Probstner and Jóna Gudvardardóttir, the basic theme behind the exhibition is to showcase a few moments that have b...

14th May 2009

Love, the essence of the Universe

Love is the greatest dictum True Universal Teacher is She ! Love is the greatest Meditation Celestial Deity great is Love ! All Epics & Poesis symbolise Love The essence of the Vedas is She ! All poems extoll Love Love is praised by all Ethics...

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