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24th June 2011

Your Cheap Acoustic Guitars - Equipment That Keeps Them Playing

Cheap acoustic guitars, or basses - it doesn't matter which you've got, you will still have to deliver fixes every so often. While I actually cannot picture the original blues musicians possessing anything at all aside from the ancient six string as well ...

05th May 2011

Nail Care For Men

In today’s world where how you look is as important to what your qualifications are, it is very important for all professionals to have a clean and smart image. That includes both men and women; how will you like it if you shake hands with someone and the...

13th December 2010

Some Insights into DIY Grooming Through Tweezer and Nail File

In these advanced times where everybody is aware of his/ her personal appearance, many a feminine entities chip in for extra care to get the best out of their lives. Everybody wants to look good these days and it should not come as a surprise if we find c...

09th December 2010

An Insight into Some Nail Accessories to Flaunt Your Savor for Nails

With feminine awakening happening all across the globe, beauty and body care is gaining significant attention from all segments of society. In such milieus, manicure and nail art are emerging as hot favorite among female populace to show off their new age...

08th December 2010

Nail Cutters and Feathering Razors Helps You Stay Hygiene besides Appearing Beautiful

Looking beautiful is not a crime and the approach taken to stay in hygiene adds more importance to the defined appealing concept for both men and women. There are many styling tools and items that especially the female category of the society uses as comp...

11th November 2010

Can You Do Your Own Nail Care At Home?

Nail care is essential in our lives as human beings. The fact that we are very conscious about our hygiene makes a big difference. Keeping our nails as clean as possible is the best way to indicate that we observe proper hygiene. It is really worth all th...

05th November 2010

How To Apply A French Manicure

Applying a French manicure requires an eye for detail not everyone has the eye or the hands to do it. Spa and salon professionals are trained to apply the perfect coat on every hand and will ensure perfection every time. The French manicure will mak...

27th October 2010

Beauty Basics For Women

Women of today lead busy lives, and rarely have time for lengthy facials or trips to the salon. Keeping up with the beauty basics will help keep you at your best, whether you're off to an early morning meeting, or taking the kids to soccer practice. ...

27th October 2010

Nail Care Essentials To Avoid Dry Fingernails

Onychoschizia is common condition among women that characterizes dry, brittle nails. This affliction is usually a result of low iron levels and a lack of calcium in the diet. Calcium is especially important in the health and maintenance of both nail...

18th October 2010

Nail Polish and Nail Care

The nails on your finger tips and toes are made up of a protein called keratin, eating healthy food is good for your general health and food with good levels of calcium ions (like yoghurt, milk, cheese, salmon, beans and spinach) and vitamin B (brown rice...

30th June 2010

Professional Plus Home Techniques For Planters Wart Removal

By Lori in Beauty
Small unpleasant skin tumors which arise on the base of the foot or even toes and are caused via the HPV virus are recognized as plantar warts. The virus comes in by way of an opening such as a small scratch, break or any different kind of incision. The b...

30th April 2010

Hip, Healthy & Sexy Feet For Women Over 40! Step into Summer Feet First with Salon Quality Pedicure

Get hip, healthy and sexy feet that are ready to show off. As temperatures rise, many women enjoy wearing sandals that make them feel pretty and feminine. But over 40 feet may need special attention to prepare for their full view debut. After all, they...

06th January 2010

Simple Tips To Keep Your Nails Beautiful

By ali in Beauty
Only if you take proper care of your nails to look good. To keep nails healthy and well all the time you have to work hard on them. At home, you can use a nail file, which is available in different sizes, shapes and designs. To make your nails look bea...

11th November 2009

Essential tools for DIY nail manicure at home

Our beauty nails, like our hair and face, need special care and attention on regular basis. Nail manicure can not only make your nail pretty but also make them grow faster and be stronger. When many people are still crazy at going to nail care salon for ...

16th September 2009

Some Important Nail Care Tips

NAIL CARE TIPS: THE DO'S DO drink plenty of water each day. It's good for your general health and a well-hydrated body contributes to healthy nails. Cracked nails may indicate the need for greater fluid intake. DO apply varnish remover before applying n...

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