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23rd May 2011

Painless Bikini Waxing 101

Women, most especially during the summer season, are generally obsessed and psyched about fitting into their skimpy swimsuits. One of the main concerns aside from love handles and uneven skin tone is the polishing of skin in terms of unwanted hair in seve...

28th March 2011

Velashape Cellulite Treatment Re-Contours Your Skin

Cellulite doesnít happen on top of your skin - you canít wipe it away with a cream. Cellulite forms deep within your skinís inner layers. Thatís why you need a cellulite treatment that reaches deep inside your skin like Velashape at London Medical & Aesth...

28th March 2011

Know More About Cosmetic Surgery Glasgow

The major purpose of the cosmetic surgery Glasgow is to restore, enhance, or change the physical features o a person when there is no other option for the person to choose. With Glasgow being the largest city of Scotland, UK, there is no dearth of people ...

28th February 2011

The Last Weight Loss Hurdle

The long, often arduous path to achieving a goal weight is more than often fraught with all kinds of factors. For many people, having a healthy balanced diet and exercising more just isn't enough to get rid of excess weight in all areas of their body. Eve...

18th February 2011

Just For Brides: A Last Minute Visit to the Day Spa!

The week before your wedding will most certainly bring joy, excitement, and a little bit of stress. Who are we kidding, you may be freaking out! Itís the perfect time for a last minute trip to the day spa. You can relax, buff and polish all day long and n...

29th November 2010

Reshaping Your Body with Liposculpture

For many women living in California, regular exercise is not enough to get them back into shape. It has been natural for women to look beautiful inside and out. This nature causes them to feel disappointed whenever they feel like they canít wear their old...

08th November 2010

Liposuction- the body sculpting cosmetic surgery for men

Whenever people used to talk about cosmetic surgery, it was always assumed that the procedure was done for women. Traditionally, figure-refining cosmetic surgical procedures such as liposuction have been associated with women; however, it is becoming incr...

16th October 2009

Liposuction: A Brief but Generally Complete Overview

You've got that one little area of your tummy that no matter how hard you work at it, that annoying little deposit of fat simply refuses to go away. Maybe you have "love handles" that are just too easy to get a grip on. Possibly, you just received that 20...

24th April 2009

Top Tips For Fast Fat Loss

If bathing suit season is approaching and you've got couch potato belly, you're probably looking for some help with fat loss. It's a simple formula: proper diet and training techniques = fat loss. The right diet reduces three things: calories, sodium, and...

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