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16th February 2011

T1 Line Prices and the Advantages of a T1 Line to Your Organization

T1 line costs depend, for the most part, on the length of the dedicated line connecting your company and your telephone company's local office. You can visualize a T1 line as a regular 4 wire phone line. Since your T1 line is dedicated to your use, you...

31st August 2010

Why firms should get a telephone answering service.

Telephone answering services are desired by companies that wish to increase their customer numbers. Being accessible to client bases is a sure fire way to securing repeat business. Internet advertising and online search engines mean that potential cust...

11th March 2010

VoIP Phone and why you must have it!!

If you have come across of the term VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) earlier itself, but you are not sure what does it mean exactly and how it is going to benefit to you if you tend to switch over to a Business VoIP phone. If so you have desire then he...

30th December 2009

T1 Internet Service - When is a Business Internet T1 Justified?

This article explores the feasibility of T1 Internet Service for companies that have very high uptime needs. Since T1 Internet service includes a service level agreement (SLA), average availability exceeds that of DSL or cable. Also, with T1 Internet se...

11th November 2009

Finding Phone Numbers in United States

There is nothing more frustrating than finding phone numbers when you have received a call on your cell phone but you do not know who is calling. Fortunately for citizens in United States this is no longer a problem. The increase in cellular subscribe...

04th July 2009

VoIP Small Business Telephone System

You can stay competitive in the business world, by utilizing a small business telephone system with VoIP features. This phone system is an added asset for your business and an ideal choice to efficiently handle all your inbound and outbound business calls...

13th March 2009

The truth about software download

Searching for a software application in particular requires time and patience on behalf of the Internet user. If you lack both of the things mentioned in the first sentence, then perhaps it might be better if you use a specialized resource to look for so...

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