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02nd June 2010

National Oil Companies - A boon or bane for the economy

National oil companies (NOC) are oil companies that are fully owned by the government of a country. National oil companies together accounted for 52 percent of global production of crude oil and controlled almost 88 percent of proven crude oil reserves in...

01st April 2010

Music Business Today - Make Beats You Own

Thanks to technology producers can make beats or produce computer bands. However, years ago, the music business was ran by the large record labels. The record labels ran absolutely everything in a performer's career from beginning to end. The major recor...

07th December 2009

Rule the World of Atreia with Aion Power Levelling

Among multiplayer online gamers, crossing one level and ascending to another, is said to have become easier when you take the help of a power leveling guide. You can earn huge amounts of kinah, but if you want to step up to the next level, you have to get...

06th July 2009

The New Smartphones Making The Right Call

GET READY for a new era of mobile phone envy. A new crop of phones from Apple, palm and nokia is redefining the concept of the phone and putting the power of a laptop in your pocket. The iphone 3G S, palm pre and nokia n97 are such an advance on what t...

30th June 2009

Promoting Talents through Event Management

The gradual increase in Reality shows on Indian Television has made numerous companies to manage and promote the upcoming talents. These participants are more like next door neighbors coming from far away places to try their luck. Talent Management refers...

29th June 2009

California Political Information

California, one of the largest states in Western part of USA is a place, where the two main political parties, the Republicans and Democrats have almost equal presence. The balance of power is so even in the state, that the administration had to go for bi...

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