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30th March 2011

Consuming Antioxidants And Carbs For Losing Weight

By Lori in Diet
While tracking calories has been the foundation for numerous diet plans, reducing extra pounds goes beyond only being aware of caloric content. As well as keeping track of calorie count, which foods make up these calories will be vital as well. A diet pla...

08th March 2011

The Perfect Kids Party: The Small Stuff To Remember

You'd think that planning a kid's party would be simple, but do you know how many times parents forget important things like kids party gift bags until the day before the party? No one likes to rush for things to put in goody bags, or anything else, which...

11th November 2010

Piet Hein The Dutch Privateer Hero and Real Captain Silver

In quick succession Piet Hein had been captured by the Spanish, made to serve as a galley slave for four years, and then returned in exchange for Spanish prisoners. Over the next few years he was a successful privateer, attacking and capturing many shi...

11th May 2010

Verses Of Quran About Balance Diet

Allah says in the Quran "O Messengers! Eat of the wholesome things and perform virtuous deeds". Islam emphasizes that people should eat a balance diet. Muslims follow the Sunnah of Rasool Allah and the Quran while they set the path of their lives. Qura...

06th January 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year !?!? It seems every year the winter holiday festivities come faster and faster. The holidays can be very stressful and demanding. Our time is quite often stretched thin, meeting the demands of our families and friends. By this time, the ...

21st December 2009

For Better Or Worse, Your Kids Need Both Of You

Copyright (c) 2009 Lucille Uttermohlen I had a case today that was very typical. Two divorced parents who generally got along found themselves in court because of their 15 year old daughter. She is a poor student, had some rather unsavory observation...

30th November 2009

Stretch Marks - Is it possible to remove?

Ugly stretch marks usually appear among women after they give birth or when a person gains weight. They are never pleasant, and they will remain long after weight has been lost or a baby has been born. When stretch marks are just recently formed, these ar...

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