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12th August 2011

Avoiding Costly International Phone Rates

When you live across the ocean from someone you care about, speaking with him or her frequently is very important. However, making international phone calls can be quite costly, making it difficult for you to interact with your loved one on a regular basi...

17th March 2011

Understand the Watch Mobile Phone Before Operating It

If you chose a watch mobile phone, you should understand it totally before operating it. The color touch screen watch mobile phone includes functions such as GSM/GPRS internet, multi language input, handwriting input, business card type phone book, 64 ...

13th March 2011

International Calling Cards - Go Easy With Cheap Calling Cards

International calling cards is one of the best way to save money and enjoy long distance calls for long duration. To get it, go for online shopping. Calling cards are smart way to make your international calls cheap. It just look lie credit card and it is...

17th January 2011

Make Free International Calls without a computer.

Make Free International Calls without a computer. Everyone would like to make a free international call without a computer. There is nothing to download so you do not have to worry about hidden virus's. You do not even need a computer or be on the in...

14th January 2011

How to make a free international call with Sapi-Tel

How to Make Free International Calls with SapiTel Sapi-Tel is giving away free international calls for up to 1 hour. There are no contracts to sign. There are no Pin Numbers to enter. Users can enter as many phone numbers as they wish to get addition...

06th August 2010

Free access number – to bring world closer.

If you have your relatives friends or business associates living abroad, and you always wish that you could have talked to them little longer and speak you heart out. But the high on expense international calls make you walk backwards. Not any longer, var...

23rd July 2010

Calling Cards - Go get it!

Are you not making ISD calls just because you have to pay more than half of your hard earned money in paying these ISD bills then here s a solution of your problem, Calling Cards. While traveling abroad, it's very difficult to remain in touch with yo...

18th July 2010

Calling Cards:- Cheap way of International Calling.

While traveling abroad, its very difficult to remain in contact with your love ones, just because the rates of overseas calling are usually very high. To free you from this burden of extra expense, international calling cards are the best solution. These...

21st December 2009

Call Recording Laws: What You Need to Know to Avoid Costly Fines and Legal Fees

Authored by Patrick Botz, Vice President of Solutions Marketing, VPI Do you record or plan to record your calls and/or screen activity? Do your employees discuss sensitive information over the phone? If so, there are serious call recording laws and cal...

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