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02nd June 2011

Outbound Call Center Services In A BPO

Today, there are many companies offering outbound telemarketing services in the market. Most of them encompass an innovative call center setup meeting diverse needs and requirements. Many service providers come equipped with the advanced tools that enable...

19th May 2011

Cold Calling in Call Centers

A major function of the call centers is to get new subscribers for the brand. In the traditional method, the outbound call center agents are supposed to make calls to a potential group of consumers. The database is segregated according to the targeted dem...

12th May 2011

Types of Call centre services

In the present era many companies wants to outsource their work, they have centralized customer service and support functions ,so the call centers are gaining importance popular in today's society. A call center is an office from where we can receive...

14th March 2011

Call center services Expand your business world wide

Are you looking to expand your business? Make your business big with Call center outsourcing. Call center outsourcing remains a popular and viable way to deliver high quality service while lowering operating costs in the call center. Call centers be it in...

18th February 2011

Call Center Outsourcing- Free Helpful Information For Call Center Outsourcing

A call center representative is the individual that answers calls or provides phone calls. They doubtless manage calls singly or exchange it to larger levels if her experience doesn't be enough. As you hunt for Call Center Outsourcing related informat...

21st January 2011

Types Of Call Centers

Call centers are a key part of the contact relationship management strategy of any large business entity. A company usually opts to use such a service in order to cut costs and handle increased workload. A dedicated department tasked with solely answer...

03rd December 2010

What makes India the Number One and Most Preferred Call Center Outsourcing Destination?

Why India is the best call center outsourcing destination? The answer to this question is not a tough call. India's technology, man power and some geographical advantages have worked wonder in favor of India and its outsourcing destination. Major int...

03rd August 2010

3 Tips for Shopping Business Long Distance

Business long distance communications are the lifeblood for many businesses, especially if you are managing an outbound call center. When dialing out an excess of thousands of minutes a month even the slightest change of a per minute charge can add up qui...

18th June 2009

Outbound Call Centers and Direct Marketing Campaigns

Today's call center is a channel of communication that strings caller and business together. An outbound call center is one in which call center agents make outbound calls to potential customers on behalf of a business or client with the intention of sell...

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