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07th February 2012

The Key Elements of Chinese Astrology and the Eastern Zodiac

总:When you are new to Chinese astrology you must start from somewhere. You can either read a book, search online, attend a lesson, visit an astrologer of the eastern zodiac etc. For most of the above starting methods though, you have to spen...

02nd February 2012

Fest Of Year Of Dragon Chinese New Year

The Chinese calendar is totally based on lunar year, which is the cause of changing the date of chinese new year celebration every year. The calendar also goes behind 12 year pattern and each year named following an animal. There are diverse antique stori...

18th May 2011

new party and new year celebrations on cruise

New Year is a event which is celebrated in the whole world with great enthusiasm . It is event which is marked as the beginning of new calendar year. The celebrations for the new year are same all over but the day may differs due to the existence of many ...

08th November 2010

Have you made Plans for Celebrating New Years Eve and Chinese New Year

India is a country of rich cultural with different color, religions, languages and castes. Various regions follow various cultures and so the New Year traditions also vary. Every Indian state has its personal history after the new year celebrations. Every...

29th June 2010

Welcome to World of Festivals – Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, Easter Sunday

After the year by year, now it is turn of New Year 2011 that brings different types of plans, ideas and things to do for different peoples. For every person it is expected to be an eventful year with achievements and success in every field. In new year ev...

09th February 2010

The Chinese Baby Prediction Calendar Or The Chinese Lunar Calendar Baby Predictor

The Chinese Baby Prediction Calendar is said to have been around for over 700 years now. Developed by a Chinese Scientist after years of research, many in the far east put a lot of faith in the Chinese Lunar Calendar Baby Predictor results, many Westerne...

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