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19th October 2011

What Is A Pedicure Best Methods

Are you thinking about doing your own pedicure? I used to spend a lot of money to have other people do it for me in shops. That is, until I learned how to do it myself. And here are a list of supplies that I started with. Take a look at these before y...

15th August 2011

Fingernail Shape - Which Shape Is Best For Your Nails

Beautiful fingernails would have to be every woman's dream. How confident do you feel when your nails are looking their best, and how dowdy do you feel when your nails are broken, peeling and brittle. A good fingernail shape can help make all the diffe...

29th March 2011

Stop Nail Biting Before It Stops You

Nail biting is a problem which has an effect on both men and women as well as small children as well as teenagers,you see I have been down that street and I am happy to declare that the habit of nail biting is no longer with me,having carried out over eig...

18th February 2011

How to Be Good at Fishing! | iKidsFishing

Some people may kill their time watching TV or shopping in the mall, however, some people choose fishing to do on holidays or their leisure time . It is very easy to have good time fishing. You can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also catch som...

26th January 2011

The Various Things You Could Utilize In Nail Art

Nail art have already been the main reason why majority of the women have a smile in their faces. The beautiful designs keep them to have a fine feeling as individuals notice and recognize how fine-looking their fingernails or toenails are. There are a nu...

15th December 2010

The Reasons Why People Do Makeup

Makeup has its origins from the performers of the Arts. Drama, Movie and Theatre actors aim to entertain people for a living. To achieve this, they act in a way or in a style that is not depicting of their style in private life. This is primarily because ...

13th December 2010

Online Shops Best For Your Skin Care Products

Cosmetics are considered as those substances which can enhance the apearance or odor of the human body. It cincludes skin- care creams, body lotions, powders, perfumes, lipsticks, fingernail and toe nail polish, eye and facial makeup, towelettes, and much...

05th November 2010

How To Apply A French Manicure

Applying a French manicure requires an eye for detail not everyone has the eye or the hands to do it. Spa and salon professionals are trained to apply the perfect coat on every hand and will ensure perfection every time. The French manicure will mak...

27th October 2010

The Essential Beauty Tools

There are a few must have beauty items every woman should have tucked away in her home. If you're having a bad hair day, suffering a broken fingernail or just need a quick touch up, it's important to have the basics in your beauty care arsenal. Even...

09th February 2010

The Innovations in Cosmetic Makeup!

By Tex in Beauty
Innovations in makeup can help women in many novel ways in being able to affect improvements in their overall appearance. The correct application of cosmetics makeup can do many things for your appearance including adding glitter to your eyelids which wil...

25th November 2009

Taking a Closer Look at Porcelain Veneers: A Treatment that Can Transform Your Smile

If you've been experiencing frustration because you're less than happy with the appearance of your teeth, then you may want to consider a cosmetic dentistry procedure that can vastly improve your smile as well as give you new found confidence: porcelain v...

16th July 2009

Pick of the hottest iPhone accessories

For the third consecutive year Apple came up with another, faster and enhanced version of iphone, iphone 3gs. This outstanding smart phone has some outstanding aspects compelling people to fall pray to it indeed. What will happen once you are done play...

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