Survey Shows Big Rise In Internet TV Viewers Wanting To Hook Up To The Big Screen TV

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Its been an amazing 2009, that has seen a big increase in the demand for home entertainment going up. The interest from consumers for internet television has grown massively, partly due to the economic downturn and a return to less costly forms of entertainment.

Viewers Want to Watch Internet On TV
A new survey shows that 26% more US citizens are choosing TV as the preferred type of media against figures from the year before. The Deloitte 2009 State of the Media Democracy Survey also revealed:-
Over 70% of those surveyed said that watching TV was in their top three favorite media activities. And, when ranked alongside activities such as surfing the Web, listening to music or reading, 34% of consumers place it at the top of the list. This is a big increase from the previous year and more than double the per cent selecting the number two choice, the Internet, which came in at 14 per cent.The TV is still preffered in the living room. When watching their favorite TV programming, 86% of survey respondents prefer watching the action on their television set, enjoying the programming either live, via their DVR/TiVo, or using an "On Demand" feature. While less than 10% of Americans say they prefer watching the same content online, an increrasing number of users use online platforms to watch their favorite TV shows.Viewers are watching more television than last year, up by two hours to around 18 hours of television content on the TV in an average seven day week. Viewers in the 14-26 year old range showed the biggest increase, to around 15 hours from 10.5 hours.Showing the desire to keep the big screen tv at the center of entertainment, 65% of respondents would like to be able to easily connect their home TV to the Internet so that they can view videos or downloaded content. This is a significant trend that has gained strength over the last three years.Ed Moran, Deloitte director of insights and innovation commented:- "Television content continues to fascinate Americans. The recession has increased demand for in-home entertainment, with consumers choosing to invest in the enhancement of their TV experience. This dynamic, combined with new flat panel models that access content from the Internet, will further blur the lines between TV and the Internet."

The way things are progressing, the internet will soon become the tv channel.

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