South Indian Festivals can make you dance

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Each and everything in this world tells you something about the world. Each moment, each smile, each expression of frustration, each and everything you see with your own eyes is a part of what you are. It makes your personality, your attitude and your potential to enjoy each best and worst part of life. Why is it said that you should know all the cultures and customs followed at you place. This is so because it tells people about your heritage. One should never feel bad about the oneís own cultures and customs. These are things which make you what exactly you are today.

The ultimate thing to progress and one of the easiest as well is to be curious about everything you see or hear. Once you start practising this habit, I am sure that you will be a very knowledgeable person on the earth. Try to peep into everything you hear and you will get to know about the little things which do matter. Whenever you a see people celebrating a festival, try to find out the stories behind that and you will then know what that particular festival mean for those people. In the south India tours, focus on what they do and then you will surely enjoy that.

Let us take a look at the south Indian festivals. Each place has their own man made festivals and they celebrate it the way they like it. In south India, festivals have been categorised on the basis of seasons or else on the basis of mythology. They want reasons to celebrate their existence and when they cannot find it, they simply create it! They are all vibrant and colourful all these days. It is nice to see them this way and their involvement in such things is quite an amazing sight. There are lights all around with music and dance making the celebration rock. Although they have folks songs with them but the rhythm is quite thrilling at times. It seems you can make a remix song out of that. They follow the Dravidian culture.

Some of the very popular festivals of South India are Onam festival, Pongal festival, Vishnu festival, Vinayaka Chaturthi festival. These festivals are very amazing sights and you must experience being with them. Donít miss these festivals or you might regret that later.

This is the only thing which is unique in the tour packages India. This is what drives people crazy and they visit India again and again.

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