Sky Anytime Plus Service useful service at no extra cost from Sky TV

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Sky TV is a well established TV provider for it provides quality TV packs, set top boxes and much more to its customers. In an endeavor to serve its customers with better and additional services with regards to TV viewing, Sky offers Sky Anytime and Sky 3D TV services.

Sky Anytime is a service which provides customers access to past weeks most interesting programmes and simply cannot be missed. At the same time, you can check out glimpses of a few interesting programmes which are scheduled at a later date enabling you to watch them once they are on air.

Moving one step ahead of the Sky Anytime service is the Sky Anytime Plus service which offers customers access to an extensive range of TV content which can be viewed as per their convenience. In short Sky Anytime is the Video on demand service offered by Sky to its subscribers.

The Sky Anytime Plus service comprises of more than 500 movies and a huge library of entertainment both these TV content can be downloaded and viewed as per your convenience. This service can be accessed by Sky TV customers who have availed Sky Broadband services as well.

Customers interested in Sky Anytime service have to subscribe to Sky TV packs, own either Sky Plus Box or the Sky + HD box and also sign up for the sky Broadband service. TV customers are advised to sign up for the Sky Broadband Unlimited service for it has no caps on its usage limits enabling them to download as many programmes as they wish.

For enjoying the Sky Anytime Plus service, customers have to first download the selected programme through their TV box and Broadband connection and then view it. The download of the programmes does get included in the Broadband usage which means you need to go Sky Broadband Unlimited for downloading as per your requirements. Also the downloading of programmes will take place as per your selection but in order to view them you need to be a subscriber of the suitable TV pack. For instance, in case you wish to view a particular movie but do not have a subscription for the same, you will receive a message asking you to upgrade to the suitable TV Pack. Once you have paid for the upgrade you will be able to view the movie.

The Sky Anytime plus service is designed to cater to on demand preferences of its subscribers for most of them wish to catch up with missed programmes at their convenience. With the Sky Anytime plus catalogue updated on a daily basis, there is something new almost everyday for its subscribers.

In order to enjoy the Sky Anytime plus service, make sure you have

A Sky TV subscription
A Sky Plus Box or Sky HD Box
Sky Broadband Lite or Unlimited
Activate the Sky Anytime Plus service through the Sky website.

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