Simplicity is the key with the Vodafone 340

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The Vodafone 340 lacks functionality and style, yet it is an extremely popular handset. This is due to its affordability as well as its no nonsense simplicity. Often touted as a second handset or replacement mobile phone, this unit fits the bill perfectly offering limited functionality but at an affordable price. This handset is available in a variety of colours which include black, white as well as pink.

The 1.5 inch TFT display screen, offers excellent quality imagery and colour variance due to the fact that it is able to display up to 65,000 colours within the pixel screen size of 128 x 160 pixels. The handset itself is 109 mm x 45 mm wide. It is relatively slim line at only 12 mm thick and is the epitome of lightweight as it weighs only 69 g.

In conjunction with a useful speakerphone, which offers hands-free communication, the Vodafone 340 also comes with a phone book and call record capability as well as 2 MB of internal memory. Vibration and ring alert types are available and included as standard, with the ability to utilise MP3 ringtones, which offers far greater scope when it comes to choosing a particular ring tone as downloaded music files can be utilised.

A VGA style camera, operating at 640 x 480 pixels is the handsets camera offering which takes effective snapshots for display on the screen, however many will find that if images are to be printed out the quality may be somewhat grainy. An organiser and voice memo facility are also included which offers the ability to keep abreast of useful and pertinent information and appointments as well as the ability to take vocal notes whilst out and about.

An FM radio and MP3 player are provided as standard with this unit, which means that downloaded music files can be played within this unit as well as the ability to listen to a wide variety of radio stations and broadcasts. As a means of further entertainment, a variety of games are also included.

The Vodafone 340 is a simple handset that simply provides basic functionality. Although simplistic in nature its key element is its affordability, which much like the Vodafone 540 , is the basic premise of this range.

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