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TV viewing has undergone a revolution of sorts for you can view a wider range of programmes, record and store them for future viewing. Digital TV technology and the set top box have made watching TV in convenient and enjoyable manner.

Keeping in mind the busy and erratic schedules of most customers, TV content is now made available to their customers at any time they wish. The customers can also make watch thee content as frequently as they wish to. Since the customers put in a request or demand for the particular content, this service is called on demand services.

Sky TV offers on demand services through its Sky Anytime plus service to its digital customers. This service is offered at no extra charge but the customers need to have a broadband connection for the same.

For availing the Sky Anytime Plus Plans, Sky TV customers require a Sky TV subscription, a Sky Plus box or Sky +HD box, Sky Broadband Everyday or Unlimited and the Sky Anytime account to be activated through its website.

The customers can download their preferred programme using the broadband connection on to their TV box. But they need to remember in order to view the programme, they need to subscribe to the relevant pack. At the same time, the download they do will be included in their usage limit. Hence for downloading programmes through broadband it is advisable to go for Sky Broadband Unlimited for it has no caps on its download limits.

What is offered through the Sky Anytime + on demand service?

Sky Anytime+ service offers you a wide range of programmes to watch from ranging from HD Showcase, Movies, Documentaries, Entertainment, Sports and Kids. HD Showcase offers best programmes relayed during the past week. You could also check out the Sky Movies collection of over 500 movies and additions done to it on a weekly basis. It also means you can demand movies from Sky Movies 1 and 2. You can also watch documentaries and entertainment series whenever you feel like. Sky Anytime + also ensures you kids never get bored for they get to watch their favorite shows whenever they feel like. Lastly but not in the least you can get access to best sporting action in the world new as well as old, along with Sky 1 and 2.

Features of Sky Anytime+

Access the HD Showcase service which makes you watch some the best programmes recently aired on Sky TV.

Look out for the Play Now icon which means the programme can be viewed instantly. You need not wait for it to download.

The Highlights section in this service makes you decide which programme to view for you can get a fair idea of what the programme is all about.

Programme images of the programmes help you to decide quickly which programme you wish to watch.

Trailers This feature of Sky Anytime plus allows you to watch a clip of each movie before you actually download. You can watch the clip by pressing the red button on the remote.

Easy to use Sky Anytime + service for you can always pause, rewind and fast forward programmes as you could do with any other Sky TV box.

Make sure you sign up for Sky Anytime plus service in order to wind down or relax by watching your preferred shows on TV.

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