Shipping and Handling Crucial to Online Artwork Store

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Before an artist decides to post his artwork for sale online, he made it sure that he was able to find a quality and reliable shipping and handling company which will take care of the item's packaging, as well. He has to know, prior to pushing sale, if there is a trustworthy company out there that will ensure delivery of the item that is free from any damage or impairment caused by mishandling.

A quality and reliable shipping and handling company knows the value of artwork not just by its price but also by the artistry and creativity heavily extracted from a person to come up with an original art creation. Wall paintings, among other art pieces, are the most patronized not just by art aficionados but by simple and ordinary moms who wish to beautify her home. The crux of giving quality shipping is founded on the quality of packaging. A wall painting is just a stretch of paper colored with paint or charcoal and soon set in a frame or laminated. Thus, it is not a sculpture that is made of hardwood. But durability-wise, it is a sensitive and a weak piece of art. And more than any artwork for sale, it is the one that needs to be packaged with extra caution.

Foam is necessary to be set at the front surface and at the back as well. So any accidental puncture would hit the foam and less is the chance that it will damage the painting itself, so is accidental spill or leak from other items stacked over it during shipment. This is also why any artwork for sale should be completely sealed when delivered. Packaging should be waterproof by supporting the item with foam cushions prior to encasing it with box. The art piece should be very well protected from the intrusion of moisture.

Another thing which packaging has to provide is the handle to lift or carry the art piece. It can be improvised like string which is durable enough to lift the item but not as sharp as wire that may cause puncture to the surface. Without the handle, a person in charge of lifting the painting for example will just grab the package with a hard grip not to drop it. In this case, there is a possibility of putting much pressure on the surface of the wall painting which is enough reason to scratch or rub its paint.

An artwork for sale that is posted online is treated and handled with extra caution which includes the detailed stages of its packaging and shipment as opposed to directly buying it from the store or gallery where right after purchase the owner is already held liable to whatever happens to the art piece.

The author, Shannon, is the co-founder of Artyii, an online sale platform of Asian emerging artists. He specializes in acquiring quality wall paintings at good prices for art lovers worldwide. He has also assisted those who were looking for artwork for sale and those who loved to buy art online.

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