Sell Beats- 3 Things To Avoid

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My name is Kyle and I have written a lot of articles in the past about how to sell beats online. I usually write under different pen names than this one, but regardless of that I have helped dozens of producers and beat makers around the world pull in some serious profit by selling beats. If you're skeptical about people making money online as a producer, the truth is you probably should be. Musicians are well known for being cocky and usually stretching the truth. Luckily for you, the 3 things to avoid I'm about to reveal to you are absolutely free, and for that reason there is no risk. Just read.

1st would have to be bad content. I can't tell you how many people get an account on Soundclick and MySpace just hoping to make money after uploading their beats. Its amazing to me how many producers completely overlook the importance of having a great looking page with all the right designs and content. The first and most important thing for you to have on your site is a Buy Now button. You can set these up for free, easily using Pay Pal's merchant tools. If your customer cannot buy ON THE PAGE, right then and there, you will lose out on 70% of your profits. NO, people will NOT take the time to email you. Period. Also, be sure to include all the necessary information about your different licenses right there on the site (leasing and exclusive). This is very important!

The 2nd most important thing to avoid is making beats that paying rappers don't want. If you're making great music that sounds like filmscore, then you won't be successful selling beats online. The types of beats that fly off the shelves the fastest are sampled beats, hardcore fast tempo beats, R&B beats and club bangers. I know this for a fact, so be sure to FILL your site with those types of instrumentals.

The 3rd thing to avoid is gathering information from unrelated sources. If your mother says your beats are fire, it doesn't mean they're gonna sell (even if she's telling the truth). This is because she is not a rapper who frequently BUYS beats. Only accept criticism and information from beat makers who are selling their instrumentals online on a regular basis, OR from rappers who are in the market of buying beats (some rappers use beats for free but never buy, they're bad sources).

If this information was helpful, raise your hand! Bad joke... Anyway, I hope you learned a lot because these few tips really helped tip the scale for me as a producer.

Find out more about Selling Beats. Stop by my friend HB's site where you can find out all about how to sell beats and what it can do for you.

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