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Calling Rate for every minute - It can be calculated by the country, where you are staying and the destination country for the call.

Fees for the connection - A connection fee is charged from the international calling cards, when the call receiver or answering machine answers the call.

Billing increment - It is referred as minute rounding. This implies the unit a call will be rounded to each call. For instance, a two minutes rounding calling card will charge you after every two minutes increment, without considering duration of the call.

Communications fees - The fee is applicable to all the calls made by the international phone card. All cards do not charge the fee. For instance, a 10 minute calling card with a communication fee of 10% will be billing you for 11 minutes (10 minutes + 10% of 10 minutes).

Maintenance fees - This fee is charged by the service providers for maintenance of call quality. Maintenance fee is ducted at the given monthly or weekly interval. Though, all the calling cards do not ask for this.

Access number - This number may be a toll-free number or local number within the country of living.

Denominations - This implies the value of the international calling cards, such as $ 10 credit, $30 or $20 credit. If you divide this value by rate per minute, you will get the maximum talk time provided by the card.

Auto-Recharge / Recharge - If you purchased international calling cards online, you may get an automatic option to recharge. This service is optional and can be used for free.

Expiry date - Most of the calling cards contain expiry date and no call credit is refunded after that. So, it's good to use total call credit within that time frame.

After going through all these above points, we reach to the conclusion that before buying international calling cards, you must check few points-
1 minute or less rounding time
NO or low connection fees, maintenance fees and communication fees.
It's good to have toll-free access numbers
It must have long expiry date.

By keeping in mind, all the above bullet points, you can really get a cool deal for international calling cards. Check it out on different websites or stores and you will definitely get the best one for sure.

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