SAMSUNG UN55B8000 55 Inch 1080p 240Hz LED HDTV - Amazing

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This TV is replacing a Sony 50 "LCD Rear Projection HDTV that have a great film. However, Sony uses a $ 200 projector bulb to see the tiny LCD display enlarged through lenses up to" 50 screen, and that generates a lot of heat (and only takes a couple of years). In addition, Sony TV only shows up to a 720p image, that is fine, but it pales in comparison to this new model from Samsung. The LED on the backlit LCD TV Samsung indefinite stays cool as it is read, which is a big problem if you do not use the TV to warm your stay.

The first time I saw this new Samsung showroom in a local Best Buy I was immediately transfixed. The image was beautiful, razor sharp, bright, and when I touched the rear top of the case, absolutely temperature. Because if the screen is only about 1 1 / 4 "thick unity seems fragile sitting upright on its crystal cylinder of plastic on top of a base, but this is a minor problem for me. Many people remove the base and hang the wall. I have a TV corner, so this unit sits on its base out of the way of running into someone perhaps.

This TV has the best picture of any TV I've ever seen. I'm not a TV snob, just a viewing day, but I have owned a lot of high-quality television over the years, and this is different. Once connected to my dish PVR and Sony PS3 Slim and looked at the picture in my living room, I was convinced I had made a good choice (and the Sony I moved to another room).

It 'was just a couple of months since my spouse started urged to upgrade to 1080, but I thought my DVD looked great on the TV, Sony and not feel the urgency. Now, seeing those same DVD on my PS3 Slim/SAMSUNG UN55B8000 55 Inch 1080p 240Hz LED HDTV appear grainy, and I will surely remember my transition from LD to DVD Beta way back when. When I popped in a new Blu-ray I was convinced. I'm not sure I'll ever enjoy my old DVD with the same eyes.

The TV has worked perfectly out of the box. I connected to a gigabit switch to my broadband connection and upgraded its firmware in minutes. A couple of days after my Spears Blu-ray Disc and HD Benchmark Munsil has arrived and I was struggling to change any settings. In fact, most test screens have been disconcerting for me, since it was good.

Spears & Munsil hard shows an example of a good image and a bad image for each screen test and almost all the test screens on the Samsung looked exactly like the reference images. There was a test image that appeared off (screen test was so light boxes were almost invisible) but also with the brightness turned all the way down the image has not changed, so I left the default installation. Bottom line, the television was tuned to perfection almost already out of the box.

The over saturated, super-bright display settings in the showroom are what Samsung calls Dynamic. I selected a different approach for my satellite dish and display of Blu-ray is fine for viewing at home. Of course, Samsung lets you customize to your liking if options simply do not work for you.

This unit also boasts a fast 240Hz image smoothing feature, which basically takes your standard 60Hz (24 Hz or DVD) and interpolates the signal (create) more pictures to see anything on the screen more frequently so as not to notice the jump as fast moving images across the screen. I can not say that I noticed in daily use. Maybe sports fans will appreciate, or become even more evident in the action film.

You can have a separate configuration for each input, so I set my Dish satellite images of brilliant natural tones, and my settings to a configuration Blu-ray films (many in which the images are darker than commercial television). I bypass the TV for audio, using your TV as a monitor only, which is better. While there are four HDMI inputs, only the optical signal passes through a stereo for your AV receiver / amplifier. That means no audio DTS/5.1/7.1 if you pass all the components through the TV.

So, I plug my TV and Blu-ray video inputs directly into my TV's HDMI port, and their optical audio connections directly into my AV receiver driving my 5.1 system. I configured my Harmony to turn my TV, set the video port, and set my AV receiver for my audio while watching satellite dish, and my Sony PS3 Slim when I'm watching a movie.

I've been looking for new high definition televisions for a couple of months now, and this unit is currently the most popular (including the cheapest 7000 and 6000 series units, and 8,500 units just released LED backlight back) and best rated. A couple of comments I have heard and read about this TV in question with its system of LED backlight side, and how to prevent the TV blackout only part of the screen (vice LED screen across the back, individually adjustable) .

I can attest that this unit is phenomenal blacks (not dark gray, like my Sony TV). I am sure that the scheme of 8500 back LEDs provide more discriminating dark areas on the screen, but for now not worth a thousand dollars more to me. The blacks and dark areas on SAMSUNG UN55B8000 55 Inch 1080p 240Hz LED HDTV look great. I did notice that the corners of the screen appear slightly darker WHERE the backlight can not be run in a corner, but only on models that were in showrooms throughout the day. I have not seen the dark corners on a white screen on my unit.

I also heard that some people have had hardware problems after a week of observation at home, usually where the screen becomes all white, that requires repair. Best Buy told me if that happens and can not repair it in two weeks, will replace the unit (which also offer a guarantee of 4 years for another $ 400). I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I had a defective unit, but so far so good. The TV seems so big, I was willing to take the chance. However, if it works for a month, probably work forever, such is the history of electronics.

Just a heads up, Samsung Customer Service is always a lot of complaints on the Internet for insensitivity for repairs. But again, TV is so good, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed. Incidentally, Samsung extended warranty 15 months parts / work when I registered online, so maybe they noticed hardware problems / claims.

While this TV to be currently $ 3,899 per minute, the price of every day almost everywhere is ~ $ 3,009. Sales and promotions can save more. When Fry's Electronics has offered $ 2,699 last week, we immediately went to our local Best Buy (that price matches and offers free delivery, refuse to go, and the old TV take-away, if you wish) and bought with a table and a PS3 Slim.

So far, I am completely satisfied. This is a great HDTV and do not wait to watch every night. Oh, and I'm definitely going to start buying more Blu-ray.

SAMSUNG UN55B8000 55 Inch 1080p 240Hz LED HDTV
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