Rings and Things: Keep Your Jewelry Organized

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Jewelry is often meant to accentuate your clothing and highlight the features of your outfit while completing your look. Certain jewelry holds great sentimental value, and you probably will have it forever until you pass it on to another generation. Protecting important jewelry is a simple and practical task that is easily overlooked.

Keeping your jewelry organized is a much more important task than most people realize. Though it may seem minimal, organization plays a huge role in preserving and maintaining your jewelry over time. Jewelry organization is often a unique process, since jewelry types, storage compartments, and organization preferences differ. However there are some things that should be considered by all on how and why to organize your jewelry.

As stated before, jewelry organization will be different for each individual. When most think about jewelry organization, they envision organizing items neatly in a jewelry box. Unfortunately, the average jewelry box is only adequate for small jewelry collections. Many jewelry boxes are too small to properly store necklaces. Depending on the size of your collection you may need to use a shallow dresser drawer or two for jewelry storage. If you need to use a dresser drawer, there are a number of stylish trays that will allow you to organize your jewelry effectively. If you are using a jewelry box, make sure that it can comfortably hold your jewelry.

Keeping your trinkets organized grants you easy access when you are deciding which items you want to wear each day. You can arrange your jewelry so that the pieces that you wear most frequently are the easiest to access. This could save you both time and energy by eliminating the need for a lengthy search. Some of us irresponsibly leave our treasured jewels, such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces, on a dresser or close to the bathroom sink. Regardless of how you choose to organize, your priceless pieces should not be easily accessible or left out somewhere where it can be lost forever.

Good organization can also prevent unnecessary damage to your jewelry. Having your jewelry cluttered can cause pieces to rub up against each other in ways that lead to serious scratches and nicks. This may strip your jewelry of its luster, and is some cases its color. Easily damaged items, such as necklaces, often benefit the most from jewelry organization. Necklaces can become tangled up in other pieces of jewelry, creating kinks in the necklaces, or damaging charms or clasps. When organizing you should attempt to keep similar items together. For example, your costume jewelry may chip easily so try to keep away from other items that may cause damage.

Keeping your jewelry organized will also allow you to keep better tabs on your jewelry. Go through your jewelry to determine what you can throw away. It is unnecessary to hold onto pieces that are broken or earrings that longer have a match. Also scan for any items that you simply do not wear anymore and donate them. Mismatched earrings and other pairings will decrease and cause less clutter.

Another great reason to organize your jewelry is to keep expensive pieces and items with sentimental value safe. If you and your family are the victims of a robber, the jewelry box is one of the first places that a robber targets. Remove jewelry that is expensive or priceless from the rest of your jewelry. These items should be organized in a way that prevents the various pieces from damaging each other while keeping them out of plain sight. Some stores sell trick jewelry boxes that are designed to look like books and cleaning aids. Logging your expensive jewelry and priceless items by storing documentation of the items age and value may help you retrieve it, or relay the importance, in the event that your home is violated. Many people often choose to keep their extremely valuable jewels in a safe deposit box in the bank.

Keeping your jewelry organized does not have to be plain or boring. For a true fashionista, you may decide to store your jewelry in a more eye-catching manner. Using wall mounted jewelry storage compartments are excellent for organization. Not to mention the potential to store a large collection easily. Stylish jewelry organization is not limited to wall mounted storage units. There are also decorative items available like tree trunks, personalized jewelry boxes, or revolving jewelry holders. You may find that stylish jewelry organizational tools can be as simple as decorative hooks.

Keeping your jewelry organized is a great way to preserve your jewelry by limiting damage, preventing you from misplacing pieces, and protecting your most valuable items.

Mike Cole is a freelance writer who writes about a range of topics including organization in the home by using products such as a jewelry organizer.

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