Reclosable Bags and Their Multipurpose Utility

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The number of styles of reclosable bags astonishes us by the sheer variety and the popularity of usage, since every bag found today in the market is reclosable. They are closed by several implements like drawstrings, zippers, flaps and locks. Referring to reclosable bags, we could really only be talking about reclosable plastic bags, the types commonly used in kitchens and home spaces for storing food and other items. Though a relatively new arrival in the market, almost all kitchens these days have loads of them on hand.

Zipper bags are well known for their functionality and are commonly called Ziploc bags. While storing food in the freezer or refrigerator, it is beneficial to get as much air out as possible, and seal the bag so that no air would enter the bag. The presence of bacteria in the air and the way they spoil food in case they get in contact with it enhance the importance of storing food in sealed compartments or plastic bags.

Other kinds of reclosable bags exist too, namely ones with a tape along the edge with a drawstring in them used to pull the top of the bag together. The ones with tape on them find their use frequently as sandwich bags while the drawstring varieties find their use exclusively in shopping, as they are comfortable to use because of their not being totally sealed.

Reclosable zipper bags come in various sizes and are made of varying strength depending on what they are to be used for. Most brands of bags have smaller bags that they carry within them including sandwich size bags that hold different amounts such as gallon bags, pint bags and the like.

Freezer bags that are designed specifically to enter freezers are made from a thicker grade plastic than that is used to make sandwich bags. Ziploc as a material can be used to make freezer bags having two layers of plastic, one over the other to make it better suited for storage purposes inside the freezer. The inner layer has cling plastic that clings to the food, while the outer layer has standard plastic. The double layer is meant to keep the food that is in place in the freezer from freezer burn, which may not be harmful to health but may cause the frozen meat to be very tasty when cooked.

There are reclosable bags the size of a sandwich which are the most popular bags in the market. It is the exact size of a slice of bread, and can hold either one or two layers of sandwich. There are smaller snack reclosable bags that could be used for carrying snack foods like peanuts, raisins and crackers. These can be very useful in families with toddlers or young children, as you can always have a snack stored safely in the bag.

There are several other varieties of bags available in the market, especially those that are intended to go in the microwave and bags with holes for storing fresh vegetables and fruit. Having a reasonable reclosable bag just right for you would attend to your specific needs!

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