Reasons of Weather Change and Planet Mars

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Weather is not like climate that normally stays the same for much longer periods, weather changes very often every day or every hour. One day witnesses sunny skies and the next day it is cloudy. Sometimes, it would be a rainy morning and a sunny and warm in the afternoon. The weather changes so often that it is difficult to predict. One wonders why and how the weather changes.

One the same hand, Mars is said to be Earth's twin plant. Mars and Earth orbit around the sun almost at the same speed. Although lately astronomers have discovered newer, smaller planets that resemble with Earth more than Mars does. But Mars role in Earthling history whether real or imaginary, remains unquestionable. There have been many movies, stories, books and artworks depicting Mars as a world- in-waiting.

For a long time, it has been thought that Mars harbor life because of the visible changes of color on its surface that is said to be caused by the changing of the seasons. Mars may have harbored life millions of years ago but it remains a mystery why it went extinct. There is a wide belief that Mars has both warm and cold seasons and a surface that looks deceptively fit for human habitation. Human's mind definitely wants to know why Mars have seasons.

When talking about the changing of weather on earth, there are factors that affect weather changes which are wind direction, elevation and clouds. The direction the air is moving from affects the type of weather such as air from the ocean will bring in more humid air, air from the desert will bring in dry air and air from the Polar Regions will bring in colder air. The elevation factor comes in when the weather will be more unsettled at the time air is flowing from a lower elevation towards a higher elevation. Weather becomes more fair and calm when air is flowing from a high elevation towards a lower elevation. The factor of clouds come in when weather tends to be cooler during the day when there are clouds blocking most of the sun's heat and UV rays. It will get warmer at night when there are clouds in the sky. The heat that has gathered during the day cannot easily dispel at night because the clouds kept it inside the lower atmosphere near the ground.

Weather changes also depend on the type of pressure. Low pressure tends to bring in cloudy conditions and rainfall. On the other hand, high pressure tends to bring in fair weather. Tropical low pressures do not have fronts. This keeps the air mild even when the weather gets unsettled.

Mars tilts at an angle similar to earth spins around an axis that does not move up or down. When Mars tilts on one side, the northern side points to the sun while on the other side of the orbit which is the southern part faces the sun also. When most parts face the sun then the sun naturally gets a wider mileage. Back on the surface the sun's light gets very intense makes the surface a lot warmer. This results in the summer season. The other part that sides away from the sun does not get warm so it is winter season over there. Because Mars has volatile atmosphere, the changing of the seasons is usually accompanied by high temperature swings.

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