Prison Break Seasons 1-4 DVD Box Set

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Prison Break is a drama series in which a man enters a prison with elaborate plans of breaking out later along with his brother. The execution of the story line and its direction are so clever that the series manages to keep the viewers intrigued every single episode.

Brett Ratner produced the show while Paul Scheuring created it. The show is clever, engaging and intelligent and it is for this reason that it became highly successful since the time it had been launched. The story line is full of twists and suspense, with lots of action and great characters. The series offer knowledge about the life of inmates and their deep characters.

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The lead character of Prison Break is Michael Scofield, played by Wentworth Miller who is an engineer and on the outside he has quite a good life. However, when he attempts armed robbery at a local bank things change and he is sent to jail for five years. Once Michael is inside the jail he starts planning something with his brother Lincoln Burrows, played by Dominic Purcell. Dominic himself is in the jail because he had been convicted of murder of the brother of Vice President.

During his days in the prison Michael goes through the entire prison system and studies it. He plans all of his actions and every move while he tries to spend days in the prison, thinking of every possible alternative to get to freedom. The interesting thing about Prison Break is that the show is not just about two guys trying to run from the prison. There are a lot of other elements incorporated in the story line which make it very interesting. When Veronica, played by Robin Tunney, who is an attorney and ex-girlfriend of Burrows starts investigating his case the mysteries around Burrows' case start unraveling.

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She starts to finally put the pieces together and realizes there is a conspiracy in the highest terms in which the members of the political office of the highest ranks are involved. Along with this the inmates that are brought to the prison are also interesting characters, some of them even helping the brothers in devising their plans for escape.

The cast of the show is exceptional with their talented acting abilities, as is obvious in the box set dvd of Prison Break seasons 1-4. John Abruzzi, played by Peter Stormare is a mob boss who helps the brother plan their escape.

Prison Break seasons 1-4 box set dvd has a fantastic collection of episodes that manage to build up suspense at every step of the plot and manage to keep the viewers wondering about what will happen next.

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