Avoiding Costly International Phone Rates

By: Samantha Dale | Posted: 12th August 2011

When you live across the ocean from someone you care about, speaking with him or her frequently is very important. However, making international phone calls can be quite costly, making it difficult for you to interact with your loved one on a regular basis. Dialing international calls directly from your landline is extremely expensive, even if you have the best long distance service available. As a result, most people search for another option.

Many people faced with this situation opt to use international calling cards for cell phones in hopes of saving money on these long distance calls. However, international calling cards are expensive, inconvenient and complicated to use. These cards typically require a lot of dialing of international call codes and pin numbers. In addition, many of them cannot be refilled. When the minutes run out, the caller will either have to order a new card online or make an unwanted trip to the store. Fortunately, there are other options available for making cheap international calls from landline phones.

How to Avoid Costly Rates

If you decide that international calling cards for cell phones aren’t for you, you can make your international calls through a company like Rebtel.

Rebtel allows you to make cheap international calls from landline phones and cell phones with minimal hassle and expense. With Rebtel, you won’t have to remember any international call codes or pin numbers. Instead, you will be given a local number associated with each international number you need to call. Once you are assigned these numbers, dialing international calls will be no more complicated than making local calls.

In addition, you will no longer need to order new cards when your minutes run out. You can simply prepay for minutes and call your loved ones as much as you want. You can call from any phone as long as you use the numbers Rebtel assigns you.

What Makes Rebtel Efficient

Fortunately for callers, Rebtel’s rates are typically more affordable than the rates of most international calling cards.

Best of all. If you sign up for services before September 1, 2011 you’ll receive your first call for FREE with Rebtel’s free trial! In addition, you can receive a 50 percent bonus on your first deposit. Simply input the voucher code “Rebtel50%” when you register and make at least a $10 deposit within 30 days.

Looking for a way to make cheap international calls? Rebtel has the answer! With rates more affordable than most international calling cards, Rebtel can offer a cost effective way to place international calls.http://www.whytrk.com/TrackClick.aspx?c=25&pc=ABD&psc=2-595
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