Which is better – the ViP 922 SlingLoaded or DuoDVR ViP 722k DISH Network Receivers?

By: John Mark Adams | Posted: 04th July 2011

A very tough decision, indeed, to make! Having the best in the technology, DISH Network receivers have added a new feather to the top features of DISH Network! Ranging from packages, channels, wide variety of programming to DISH Network equipment, everything that is provided to customers are of high quality. But, which is better is really hard to decide before knowing what these DISH Network receivers are and how are these useful to consumers! But when you have to pick just one, you need to make your decision very carefully. Moreover, you also have to set your priorities before delving deep into the functionality of ViP 922 SlingLoaded HD DVR and DuoDVR ViP 722k.

DISH Network receivers enable you to enjoy satellite TV programming in the best possible way. There are HD receivers and SD receivers offered by the company together with dual toner. The dual toner receivers enable you to operate 2 TVS using a single receiver. In fact, DISH Network DVR receivers enable you to record your favorite show. Therefore, these are definitely essential to receive top quality picture and sound with DISH Network. And you can comfortably select the receiver based on your requirement.

Coming back to the ViP 922 SlingLoaded HD DVR, which is necessary to enjoy HD programming on your HDTV. In order to enjoy DISH Network HD channels, you surely require HD Receiver if you already own a HDTV. This will deliver the best high definition image and sound quality that you may not have ever thought of! So, if you are subscribing to HD DISH Network, then certainly get ViP SlingLoaded HD DVR.

What else do this DISH Network receiver helps in? This is extremely necessary for those, who want to enjoy their TV programming anywhere! With its built-in Sling technology, you can comfortably watch your regular TV on your PC or mobile phone, using high-speed Internet. This is indeed, one of the best features of this receiver. However, with other HD receivers, you will have to get Sling Adapter, if you are traveling and don’t want to miss your favorite sport or TV show.

Besides, the DISH Network DVR function in ViP 922 SlingLoaded HD DVR, it enables you to record, playback and pause your live TV and get the same recorded shows on PC or mobile as well. You can even connect this HD DVR receiver to SD TV as well. So, definitely, ViP SlingLoaded HD DVR is superb with its features and functions and offers cost-effective TV experience anywhere you are.

On the other hand, DuoDVR ViP 722k is apt for those who just want to enjoy TV independently in two rooms, as this DISH Network receiver connects to HDTV in one room and SDTV in the other. No doubt, high definition programming can be enjoyed with this receiver as well. So, if you get this receiver, then there will be no more fights over watching favorite programs between kids. Even family members can comfortably watch sports and movies separately in two rooms. Besides, you can record your most-loved programs, premieres and live events on 500 GB hard drive of this DISH Network DVR receiver. You can even watch a pre-recorded show while the other show is being recorded on two different rooms, all at the same time.

So, now you know that both DISH Network receivers are unique and are necessary for perfect satellite TV experience at home. So, make your pick now!

You can pick from any of DISH Network receivers like ViP 922 SlingLoaded or DuoDVR ViP 722k. DISH Network DVR helps to record shows and programs in digitized format.
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