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What kind of phones do you generally prefer to use? There are two basic voice deals that you can secure for yourself. Either you pay for the amount that you want to use the voice services for or you pay afterwards, on a monthly basis. Both have their basic sets of advantages and disadvantages. If depends on what suits oneís requirements and one can buy such scheme which is according to oneís usage and other components which might impact the billing procedure of the phone.

Generally talking about pay as you go phones, these have become popular with many people, especially the ones who want to keep a track of what their usage has been like. Therefore, if you have already paid for the services that you wish to avail, every time you make a call or send an sms, you are informed of how much money have you used up and what amount is still left for you to use up. Therefore, this eliminates the chances of those cases where you continuously keep using the service, just to realize at the end of the month that you are faced with a hefty budget. This happens with many people who are busy and canít keep track of their utility of the phones. Therefore, it is suggestible, in this, case to go with pay as you go phones. Such phones are also highly suited to the college going boys and girls. As their usage can vary heavily, such pre payment will help them keep a track of where they stand, on a regular basis.

These PAYG mobile phones also have different schemes like the post paid to suit the needs of the people using them. Therefore, one can find these PAYG mobiles phones in their budget version and their luxury version. The former one is another name for cheap PAYG phones. These cheap PAYG phones are very popular among the college goers and house wives whose use is limited. On the other hand, the former, i.e. luxury version, is the high end scheme where the rent is lowered to accommodate the higher usage of the people.

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