How To Spray Foundation

By: jsocratous | Posted: 03rd May 2011

Most women, while putting on makeup, want it look flawless and natural. Words such as “cakey” is an anathema to them; and most of the time, their foundation is the culprit. If you are one of them, your best bet is a spray foundation which can give you the desired look with even a thin layer. Also known as airbrush makeup, such foundation is sprayed from a can. There are various shades available and it is easy to find a spray foundation that matches your skin tone. However, using this foundation may need a little practice, but once you have achieved that, it is the simplest and most beneficial way of doing your makeup you can think of.

There are two things you will need to try this kind of foundation; one is of course a good can of spray foundation and some tissues. To use, first shake the can for some seconds and remove its cap to open it. Do not start just spraying on your face; first taste whether the nozzle is working perfectly or not by spraying on a tissue. If the nozzle of the can seem to be clogged, clean with a tissue paper first.

Now if the nozzle is cleaned, stand in front of your mirror. Hold the can about 6 inches apart from your face and keep the eyes closed. If you so prefer, you can keep your eyes open as well. If you keep your eye open, you can see where the spray is landing; but it can also lead to the spray entering your eyes.
Start with your forehead; press the nozzle lightly and then move down. As you go down, you will see that your imperfections are getting diminished and your face sports a smooth and toned look. Slowly move the can all over your face and stop at the chin.

After the first application, take a look at the result. If the skin is not looking flawless, then repeat the spraying process to add another light layer.
Use the spray foundation not only on your face, but also on neck, arms and chest i.e. any other body parts that lay exposed. It will cover the imperfections in those areas as well. When you are done, put the cap back on the can of spray foundation.

As for the foundation which will inevitably land on your eyelids and lips, wipe them off with a tissue. Use another clean tissue to gently dab away extra foundation in your face.

Do not forget the under-eye area. Use your fingers to rub the foundation in that area for a thinner, natural look. You can use your fingers to fix any area of your face that needs fixing for getting that flawless, natural look.

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