Toll Free Numbers The Cons of Subscription

By: Alena Smith | Posted: 08th April 2011

One of the most proven effective ways to market products is through toll free numbers. You get to help people to memorize your number (if vanity) quickly, your business attracts potential customers with the free calls and stable reputation and marketing products would be easier with toll free numbers. Companies seem to see toll free numbers as an easy way to build a strong image for clients and potential customers and as a way to attract more people to their company. Although those facts are true, unfortunately, not only one company thinks that way there are hundreds of companies that have seen the benefits that these toll free numbers can bring and all of them are determined to get those benefits.

Yes,toll free numbers have a number of benefits that may outweigh the cons. For a powerful marketing technique such as the toll free numbers, what are the major cons of subscription?

The expenses involved with toll free numbers

Toll free numbers cannot stand alone

Competitive market with other toll free numbers

The first problem with toll free numbers is the fact that its expensive. Its a known fact that if youre offering free calls for your customers, there is a great possibility that the expenses will rise quickly more than usual. These kinds of expenses include installation fees,subscription fees and the basic fees for the packages. Other types of expenses may also include charges for extra services or additional fees for an upgrade to vanity number, location fees and many more.

The second problem, makes the first even bigger. Toll free numbers cannot make a market by itself. It needs to be marketed by other mediums of advertisements like commercials, radio announcements, print ads or even directory ads. Without something to market toll free numbers, the 1-800 numbers wont be making much money for any company. Thus, if the company isnt making any other marketing plans to advertise their toll free number, they may as well cancel their subscription.

Since toll free numbers are popular nowadays for companies and businesses, its become a common factor. To make it stand out, a company must find ways to get their toll free number out into the public and not let it die down with competitors. Companies must either set up major marketing strategies to give their number the advantage or upgrade to vanity numbers to help keep the number unique and memorable for clients and customers.

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