Infertility – Prevention methods

By: bikiassam | Posted: 30th March 2011

Couples can develop this mindset that instead of allowing a situation where they have to go for infertility tests they should gather all necessary infertility information which provides infertility solutions. These infertility solutions can therefore act as infertility prevention methods. However this rarely happens and that is why more and more couples have to seek infertility treatment.


It is difficult to follow infertility prevention methods unless people understand the importance of making lifestyle changes. Many couples indulge in certain habits that lead to infertility. Smoking is one such habit. Smoking in men lowers their sperm count and also affects sperm motility. In women it leads to miscarriages. As such quitting smoking is one of the important infertility prevention methods. It not only lowers the chances of infertility but also enhances health.


Another enemy of fertility is alcohol. Heavy drinking or alcohol abuse increases the risk of infertility in both men and women. Consumption of too much alcohol amongst men leads to low sperm count and also hampers their sexual act. In women, the same leads to hormonal imbalances. It also makes them susceptible to miscarriage. Of course alcohol may not hamper fertility if consumed moderately. For example, men should not exceed three to four drinks and women one to two drinks per day. Going beyond this limitation can spell disaster to their fertility. Sometimes failure in conceiving may tempt people to drink to forget their woes but this is wrong. There are many ways through which they can cope with it. So cutting down on drinks is one good example of infertility prevention methods.


Couples, regularly practicing habits like low impact exercises, meditation and relaxation exercises etc are less prone to infertility. Even yoga is a good option.


The dietary habits also play an important role in reducing the risk of infertility. The diet should be properly balanced with sufficient portions of carbohydrates, protein and fiber. Folic acid is very essential for women. Folic acid is available in green leafy vegetables, fruit, cereals, etc. There are also folic acid supplements. Women must include folic acid in their diets not only before pregnancy but also during the first three months of pregnancy. Good and healthy diets are also one of the best infertility prevention methods for which you should not need any encouragement. To prevent hormonal imbalances body weight should be maintained in proportion to height.

Activities that can create problems

Believing in the old adage ‘prevention is better than cure’ will help people to steer clear from infertility tests. They should understand that certain activities which they do knowingly or unknowingly may hamper their fertility. Some people are very much into strenuous exercises which can be risky in the long run. Women can suffer from menstrual disorders if they do such exercises whereas in men it may lower the production of sperm in their testicles. Infertility prevention methods includes avoiding long tough exercises and opting for low impact ones.

Environmental Factors

Infertility can also occur because of being exposed to harmful environmental factors. These can be in the form of pesticides, heavy metals/lead, chemicals that are highly toxic, exposure to harmful radiation etc. Protecting yourself from such environments is also one of the infertility prevention methods.


Even certain medications or over the counter drugs can affect fertility as such consult with the doctor before taking such medications. Again some men and women are addicted to marijuana; cocaine etc and these are known to lower sperm counts and also lead to infertility. Infertility prevention methods include keeping away from such stuffs.


Sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) can play havoc with fertility. Practicing safe sex practices through the use of condoms and limiting partners reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and these are also infertility prevention methods.

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