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By: Janny | Posted: 03rd March 2011

Sky, a leading provider of digital TV entertainment in UK is well prepared to offer the best possible TV content to its viewers. Perhaps, Sky TV customers have widest choice of TV packs, movies, sports and other related content choose from when it comes to TV viewing.

Sky offers a choice of six TV packs viz, Variety Pack, Children’s Pack, News and Events Pack, Music Pack, Style and Living Pack and lastly the Knowledge Pack. Also on the offer two special packs viz. Sky Movies Pack and Sky Sports Pack which are exclusively designed to cater to the varied tastes of movie buffs and sports addicts. The Sky Movies Pack comprises of 11 movie channels and 1 special channel which airs movie premieres exclusively. The Sky Sports Pack comprises of five channels including a special sports news channel which brings you the latest updates on sports news 24x7. These channels are offered in High Definition format which enables you to watch them in extra clarity and vibrant colours.

For enjoying these programmes, customers need to avail the Sky +HD Box and Sky HD Pack which are offered in an unbelievable combination. Currently, Sky offers Sky Broadband and Sky Talk Freetime at no extra cost to customers who opt for Sky HD Box. Along with it they also get a shopping voucher of a reputed shopping store.

Making the Sky HD TV deals simply irresistible are the following add-ons –

Sky 3D channel is Europe’s first 3D channel which offers you an amazing 3D experience right into your living room while the choice in TV content ranges from sports, movies and lots of entertainment shows. Make sure you get a 3D TV and watch 3D programmes at no extra cost.

Sky Anytime+ service can be accessed by Sky customers who have opted for Sky Broadband and HD Pack, through which they can see programmes depending upon their Sky subscription. In order to view moves or sports, these customers will have to subscribe to Sky Movies and Sky sports respectively.

Sky Atlantic is the very latest channel offered by Sky which is scheduled to broadcast classiest HBO programmes and shows. To avail Sky Atlantic HD, customers need to avail the HD pack and view it on channel no 108. Sky has lined up worth watching programmes such as The Sopranos, Treme, Seinfield, The X-files, Boardwalk Empire, How to make it America and many more.

Sky TV offers choice of TV boxes i.e. customers can choose from Sky Plus Box which offer programmes in Standard Definition while the Sky +HD Box offers programmes in High Definition. Both these TV boxes are can pause and rewind Live TV and record it as well. With the convenience of recording all episodes of a favored serial at the touch of a button, you can easily watch your favorite serials and shows as frequently as you wish.

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