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By: Henry James | Posted: 16th February 2011

Create a stunning new hairstyle with the best hair extensions Birmingham

Always wanted long, flowing locks? Haven't got the patience to wait for your hair to grow naturally? Try hair extensions
Birmingham and you can add length to your exiting hair or thicken your hair to give it more body if you prefer.

The natural looking hair extensions Birmingham are applied by vastly experienced hair technicians in the comfort of your
own home. Only the latest proven techniques are used by the trained technicians to give you the hair of your dreams.

Want exciting new hair extensions Birmingham or hair extensions Leeds? Call the trained experts in hair extension
technology and prepare to be amazed by your new hair.

What types of hair extensions Birmingham are there?

There are a number of hair extensions Birmingham that you could choose and a consultation with a hair technician will
determine which options is right for your needs. You could choose linking hair extensions Birmingham where individual
strands are attached with a micro link without the need for resin or glue.

Another technique that is widely used is weaving hair extensions Birmingham where hair wefts are sewn onto the natural hair
to add volume and length. This proves to be a popular option that allows your hair to grow naturally without causing any damage.

Micro strand hair extensions Leeds are also available where strands are attached to the natural hair with a specialist

Finally, clip on hair extensions Birmingham offer a quick and cost effective solution if you want longer hair in a hurry.

Love your hair

Whichever type of hair extensions Birmingham that you finally opt for, you'll love your luscious locks. Once fitted,
depending on the type, you can wear your hair extensions Birmingham for up to 4 months until they'll need to be removed.
Don't try to remove the hair extensions Birmingham yourself; this could damage your own hair. It's best left to the hair
technician who'll remove the extensions quickly and safely.

Want longer, fuller, great looking hair? You can with hair extensions Birmingham or hair extensions Leeds. can supply the best hair extensions
, with our hair extensions Leeds being of the highest quality and
applied by well experienced hair technicians.
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