T1 Line Prices and the Advantages of a T1 Line to Your Organization

By: bobwshermanvrf | Posted: 16th February 2011

T1 line costs depend, for the most part, on the length of the dedicated line connecting your company and your telephone company's local office.

You can visualize a T1 line as a regular 4 wire phone line. Since your T1 line is dedicated to your use, your firm has sole use of the line. The biggest factor for the T1 line costs is the length of the line. One more aspect of the cost picture is the particular supplier of the T1 line.

Average T1 line costs run from $350 to $850 a month.

What benefits do you obtain for this cost?

A T1 line has a capacity that's the equivalent to 24 regular telephone lines. It can allow 24 simultaneous external phone calls. For an average company, that capability may well handle the requirements of 100 employees or more, dependent upon the number of external phone calls going on at once.

Your T1 line commonly comes packaged with a large number of long distance and local minutes. Prices for minutes in excess of these minutes are generally significantly lower for a T1 line than for normal phone lines. Get the details from our T1 line marketing consultant for the particular plan that best fits your company's requirements.

Your T1 line is really a digital line. This means that voice conversations will not be affected by line noise, fading or cross-talk. This results in a better quality of sound than you experience with normal phone lines.

Alternately, a T1 line can handle data over the Internet with a bandwidth of 1.544 megabits per second.

You could also divide the capacity of the T1 line into voice lines (or channels) and data channels. Most organizations use T1 lines to carry both data and voice. This helps them eliminate all the more expensive individual phone lines for every employee as well as the business' Internet access costs.

In addition to the throughput of your T1 line, T1 lines also include a service level agreement giving you priority for repair of service if a storm or other outage of phone service occurs. Simply put, this indicates your company will see as little time away from your customers as possible.

T1 line costs also depend on the actual provider. In most urban areas there are several vendors that serve the region. From time to time one or more of the vendors offers discount pricing to draw in additional customers in that region. Our specialized staff can supply you with all the details of the specials available in your region.

For fast, online T1 line costs for your facility just visit our T1 line pricing site and enter your location information. Our system will determine the length of the T1 line you require and provides the most competitive quotes available. We promise that our quotes to be as low or lower than you can obtain by personally contacting each vendor. And, our consultant can provide you with assistance in designing your installation to meet your exacting needs.

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