Value of Non-Voice Services at Call centers

By: John Deniyal | Posted: 24th January 2011

In today's times, many of the businesses borrow the help of BPO vendors to earn a competitive edge and also for the alteration of the heightened cost of In-house services. Choosing outsourcing would offer you to gain benefit of the services that these professional call center agents are offering to us or to any business firms. The agents at the call center strive hard to provide the best quality services to the customers, allowing them to share a breath of relaxation.

Call center services can be differentiated into two parts: Voice services and Non-Voice services. To discuss the ins and outs of the non-voice services, the call center services offer a very extended range of services to the customers during, before and after the purchase of the products. These non-voice services can be classified as: Chat Support, Email Support, SMS Support, Technical Support, Back-Office Support services.

Chat Support Services
: This is the most popular and well-known support services, including live talk or chat facility on the websites' home page. With this services you can deal with the customers who browse through the website and have some query or need some help related to the products and services. Having a offshore chat based support service ensures to have lower call volumes and this actually helps in reducing the cost.

SMS Chat Support: In this growing technology era, this service can bring in good and surprising results in favor of the organization. With this, you'll be able to reach your targeted and existing customers. For the consolidation of brand positioning and for the increase in ROI, some of the modern call centers offers non voice services of improved text edition.

Email Support service
: This is one of the most business boosting service which deals in the use of detailed, very well designed and nicely crafted e-mail to upgrade your product to a next level. It helps you to enhance your business graph by sending products and services' e-mails to a large number of prospective customers. The skilled and experienced team comes forward to work for the e-mail campaign and make it successful in all ways.

Technical Help Desk: With the help of this time tested service, you are able to reduce the cost if any issues related to cost or any anomalies takes place. It is a 24/7 service which is easy to get availed by phone, chat or e-mail.

non-voice support services
also provides assistance whenever there arises a technical issue, related to hardware, software, computer applications and networking.

The most popular of all these are the cost-effective and quality services of the offshore call centers. These are generally customer focused and provide effective and quick solutions as, database, building accounts, data entry and document management.

Outsourcing call center services non-voice services is very valuable,in giving edge over the competitors and can get you a place of a better position in the market.
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