Cremation Urns – A Tradition Preserved for Centuries

By: Sunil Punjabi | Posted: 16th July 2010

Collecting ashes in Cremation urns after a funeral of a loved one is a tradition. This has been passed down the generations. The tradition is prevalent from the times of the ancient Greeks. The practice is still being continued and has taking different forms.

Some cultures and religions disperse the ashes in water. Others bury the remains with the urn. Respecting the dead is a human value. This peaks when a near and dear passes away. There are many ways to be grateful to your dead parent or relative. The first thing you do to be grateful to your dead loved one is to cremate or burry his remains with the highest respect.

Cremation is a tradition probably started before history began to be recorded. Its roots are in the old Greek civilizations according to archeological evidence. The ancient Greeks cremated their loved ones. They collected the ashes in Cremation urns to bury them. Some recently found urns have yielded ancient ashes. Scientists have learnt a lot from studying and analyzing the ashes and the Urns.

Modern scientific methods are able to disseminate lots of information on the ancient societies. The Cremation urns also tell us about people who lived in those ancient times. The Greeks who left the ashes in well-preserved clay urns. This enables our scientists to study them and derive information about the civilizations. This can be used by future generations to learn about the old civilizations.

In some of the old societies the ashes of the dead were collected in Cremation urns and dispersed them in rivers. They did this with a lot of respect for the dead relatives with religious rituals. One reason for dispersing the ashes in the rivers is to prevent trampling of the ashes by anyone. They didn't want anyone to step on top of the ashes of their loved one.

Collecting ashes in Cremation urns and dispersing it in water is practiced widely in the US today. In place of dispersing the ashes in river water Americans disperse them in the sea. There are companies who employ professionals to provide this service. They have ships in which ashes can be taken into the ocean. The ceremony of dispersion can be held conveniently on the ship. Many relatives can take part in the ceremony. There are many options of disposal to choose from. One is to disperse the ashes directly in water. Another is to use biodegradable Cremation urns to collect the ashes and to leave the urns in water. The urn with ashes will sink and degrade in a few days.

The most popular and oldest way of preserving ashes of loved ones is to build a memorial. The ashes collected in Cremation urns are left inside the memorials. In many countries the memorial is built in the premises used by the deceased. These memorials become places to be visited by future generations. Respecting the dead is a quality you can find only in human beings. As a result it becomes a human value that should be preserved with reverence. Our ancestors have done that and we can up keep the tradition for the future generations to follow.

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