Best Eye Serum For Dark Circles

By: Awadesh Chawda | Posted: 06th July 2010

The eyes: a window to the soul that reflects the passing of timeā€¦

Dissident to classic skin care products, anti-age eye serum rest roves the entire figure of the eye. Specially developed for this delicate part of the face, its unique formula works in 3 ways:

1- Rest roves the upper eye hood.
2- Lifts the lower hood.
3- Reduce under-eye bags and dark-circles.

The eye area looks younger; the eye seems larger and more better.

Eye serums treat technically all the skin around the eye. They work the skin to do the thing like: treat dark circles under the eyes, treat eye puffiness, treat eye wrinkles, and moisturize skin.

Dermatologic expert

The aging of the eye dissident area is not limited to under-eye spots and dark circles. Combined with limp upper and lower hoods, these problem areas are often the leading cause for esthetic interventions such as surgery. Eye serum has developed this innovative product that treats the specific problems of the eye dissident area.

Active ingredients

Innovating polymer: forms a toning film that lifts the eye hoods, creating wider, more open-looking eyes that appear less droopy.

Association of a peptide linkage and a vegetal protein: fights against dark circles by activating the micro circulation in the skin.

A Soft focus effect with micro particles: reflects the light to detract from the visibility of the wrinkle and crows feet.

Its non-oily, mild scented formulation was specially developed to respect sensitive eyes and those who wear contact lenses.

Inventive advice

Use Best Eye Serum daily, morning and evening before any other skin care. To aid the serum's absorption, massage the eye serum into the eye area by applying in a circular motion. Apply from the inner corner of the upper lid towards the crow's feet and then, from there, towards the inner bottom corner of the eye.

The best eye serums, skin care products and anti aging treatments will always be made from the finest all natural ingredients that have been proven to work. When looking for the best eye cream for you, consider one that is made with at least one or two of the aforementioned ingredients if not all of them, and that has the science and customer satisfaction to alleviate any concerns you may have

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